As a charity, Lench's Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising of 12 individuals. The key responsibility of each Trustee, along with the others, is to hold the charity in trust for current and future beneficiaries.

The Board of Trustees will approve the vision, mission statement and ethos/values of the organisation and establish a framework for approving policies and plans to achieve agreed objectives. The Board of Trustees is accountable for the proper use of the resources to fulfil Lench's Trust's purpose.

The current Trustees are Timothy Cuthbertson, Leke Sholuade, Ruth Evans, Tony Guest, Shihab Hossain, Beverly Ingram, Abdul Malik, Richard Sarjeant, Sarah Davis, Tom Storrow, Rachel Chiu and Tani Dulay.

The Board of Trustees elects a Chairman (historically known as Bailiff) and a Deputy Chairman (historically known as Junior Bailiff) each year at their AGM. Richard Sarjeant and Leke Sholuade were elected Chairman & Deputy Chairman in June of 2020.

The Chief Executive acts as Company Secretary, ensuring compliance to all the organisation's statutory obligations and supporting the Chairman to ensure an efficient running of the Board's business.


Lench's Trust has a small staff-team working full-time or part time from either its Head Office based at William Lench Court, or from its schemes across the city.

The Head Office staff is led by Chief Executive, Jean-Luc Priez and includes;  Mark James – Care and Wellbeing Manager, Annemarie Walker - Supported Housing Adviser, Laura Sullivan - Finance Manager, Dipika Mistry - Finance Assistant, Dawn Manning - HR administrator and Aaron Mason - Admin Assistant.

The Trust employs a Maintenance Manager - Mark Boden, who joined the Trust in December 2011 after a career in the building industry, as well as a full time Gardener - Paul RumneyMaintenance Officers - Karl Peters and Raphael Campbell.

Each scheme has a dedicated Scheme Manager who is responsible for both the management of the housing complex and for the wellbeing of the residents. The Trust also employs staff in support of the Scheme Managers at William Lench Court and Lench's Close, and cleaners at all 3 schemes.

The Trust employs its own 24/7 care staff at William Lench Court, managed by Mark James – Care and Wellbeing Manager.


Since joining Lench's Trust as Supported Housing Advisor in May 2014 I have had the opportunity to work with a great team who are passionate about providing housing for the elderly in Birmingham. The Trust has played a key role in me having the work life balance I was looking for at this stage of my life.

Annemarie Walker