Many more companies are now supporting charities and communities in the areas in which they operate in recognition of the benefits that being a good ‘corporate citizen’ will bring to all involved. 

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved with Lench’s Trust to support our work and facilitate your Corporate Social Responsibility programme. 

Facilitating Employee Programmes and Involvement

Active involvement in supporting charities can improve employee recruitment and retention


Enabling employees to volunteer their time and effort to support charity projects can be very straightforward and simply involve recognising an employee as Charity Champion, allowing employees some time e.g. ½ day a month to undertake the project(s) and coordinating employees’ time and effort needed to undertake the project.  

If you would like to help us in this way please contact us to find out current projects. 

Employee Fundraising

A registered Payroll Giving (PG) scheme enables staff to choose to have a regular deduction from their pay, which will be donated every week/month to the charity of their choice. PG schemes are tax effective with the charity receiving the gross amount of the donation.  If your organisation doesn’t have a registered scheme and you would like advice on setting one up then please contact us

Staff may also choose individually or collectively to undertake sponsored events with the proceeds being donated to their chosen charity.  This may be undertaken in conjunction with the company’s ‘Adopt a Charity’ programme.  Companies often choose to match the amounts raised by their staff.

Adopt a Charity

You might wish to support Lench’s Trust for a certain period, say 1 year, during which time we would work together to implement a series of events, sponsorship and activities with employee involvement which would contribute to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme and benefit Lench’s Trust. A programme of PR would be agreed.  Please contact us if you would like to explore this further.

Gifts in Kind       

Gifts in kind are always welcomed by the Trust and can range from equipment for our residents’ activity programmes to garden benches so that our residents may sit and enjoy the beautiful gardens at our schemes.

Job Swaps

The Trust occasionally has opportunities for company employees to undertake a defined role within the Trust for a short period of time, building a database for example.  This enables the Trust to deploy expertise, which it doesn’t have in-house, and gives the employee experience of working in a different sector.


-If you are interesting in partnering with us, or would simply like more details, then please do get in touch.

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