Visit to the Gurdwara on Soho Road

On Tuesday 4th April, Richard Moxon, Trustee of Lench’s Trust, and Jean-Luc Priez, CEO, had the honour of being invited to the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewa Jatha (Gudwara) on Soho Road and to meet its chair and spiritual leader, Bhai Sahib Dr Mohinder Singh. Read more... Read more

Announcement of the new Chief Executive appointment, Dominic Bradley

Lench’s Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Dominic Bradley as its new Chief Executive from when its current Chief Executive, Jean-Luc Priez, retires in July this year. Read more

Time capsule & tree planting

Last week all three schemes, in honour of the Queen's Jubilee, planted a tree whilst bury a time capsule underneath it. Click here to read more... Read more

Chinese New Year – Year of the Tiger

We aim to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. Starting from Tuesday 1st February to Tuesday 15th February. In celebration, Lench’s Trust will be holding a small Chinese buffet in celebration on Friday 4th February. Click here to read more… Read more

Lench's Trust - 19th July Covid update

Lench's Trust - 19th July Covid update in anticipation the Covid restrictions are lifted across England. This article will highlight what steps we are taking at Lench's Trust to carefully easy some of our restrictions. Click here to read more... Read more

Scam Alert: Covid Digital Passport scam

A new email scam about Covid passports has been circulating recently. This article will bring attention to the scam and what to look out for. Click here to read more… Read more

Welcome Back!

William Lench Court Restaurant is re-opening on 17th May! To celebrate this Raj and the team have created a brand new menu to welcome people back and some information regarding the price increases. Click here to read more... Read more

Lench's Trust Covid Update

Residents will be happy to see the hair salons at the Lench's Close and William Lench Court re-open. It is exciting to see steps being made towards returning the schemes back to a normality. It will be a slow process but worthwhile. Click here to read more... Read more

Farewell Maud

Today we say goodbye to Moseley’s oldest and most respected resident here at Lench’s Close as she is moving to residential care. Click here to read more... Read more

Look after your mental health and wellbeing

Do not be afraid to reach out for support if you find yourself needing it, your mental health is important! In this article there are multiple ways you can get in touch for support; click here to read more.... Read more