Lench's Trust is committed, as an almshouse charity, to work with local communities to provide housing solutions which respond to the needs of older people in Birmingham. 

The Trust will:

- Promote the development of inclusive communities in which older people will be able to maintain their dignity and independence.

- Promote choice for older people through access to housing and supported services which are person-centred.

The above commitment is enshrined in the Trust's Governance Documents and in its operating policies which are under constant review to ensure we remain attuned to a changing environment - including raising expectations of our beneficiaries.

As a charity, Lench's Trust has a strong relationship with its beneficiaries who are its raison d'etre and we have therefore developed a number of ways by which our beneficiaries are involved in the work of the Trust. This includes a  Joint Scrutiny Panel and other almshouse charities, made up of residents, which is responsible for monitoring and auditing how the Trust meets its obligations.