Yesterday being World Environment Day, it was a significant date at Lench's Trust, we believe that the world is something that should be preserved, even if it's easier to take the less eco-friendly route and so because of this, we welcome it with open arms. The aim of the day is to encourage awareness and action for the preservation of the environment. It began in 1974 and it has since blossomed into an intriguing global event where people make their best efforts to help the environment and come up with events, creative photos or just simply exploring the nature around you. A lot can be said for the benefits of a cleaner planet but the most important thing is simply that action is taken to help create a green world.

Many efforts have been made all across the world and in our own small way, we have too. In 2016 Lench’s Trust decided to build a new Head Office that would use energy in an efficient way, was cost effective and would last for many years to come. The answer to this was an eco-pod, this would be made from environmentally friendly elements and almost seem to merge with the nature around it (a picture of the Head Office a year afters its creation is above this article). As seen above, the office is still in great condition and we hope to continue using it for a long while to come. Although we didn't take part in any events on World Environment Day, the continual lower use of energy in the office has helped to do our small part, we hope this inspires you to take action too.