Today was a wonderful day at William Lench Court, residents and staff gathered in the activity room to be greeted by lines of stunningly decorated tables and a seat for each person to sit at. The lovely Catering staff brought out the trays of food and the plates of delicious lunches were served to everyone there. There was a choice of either turkey or salmon and both came with crispy roast potatoes, roasted parsnips, pigs in blankets, sliced carrot and brussel sprouts. 

The residents enjoyed the food so much that they decided to each put a sum of money into a glass which was then handed to the catering staff as a tip for their great cooking and hard work on the day. After the main course, Jayne (Scheme Manager) called up resident Arthur for winning the Good Neighbour Award for November and Marge for December. They were each handed a framed certificate for the great contributions they've made at the scheme and were applauded by all. The main course wasn't the only lovely thing, afterwards came desert, a choice of either Christmas pudding or cake (both options coming with warm custard!). The day wouldn't have been complete without a song or two, and the residents definitely didn't disappoint, tunes such as "Tulips from Amsterdam", "Macnamara's band" and "Deep in the heart of Texas" were hummed and sung by all residents before leaving for a good sleep after the large meal and enthusiastic ending. We hope that the other scheme's Christmas dinners and the ones in the coming years can come anywhere near to how lovely this one was.

If you wish to see more photos from the day, please visit our Flickr page below: