On Tuesday 4th April, Richard Moxon, Trustee of Lench’s Trust, and Jean-Luc Priez, CEO, had the honour of being invited to the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewa Jatha (Gurdwara) on Soho Road and to meet its chair and spiritual leader, Bhai Sahib Dr Mohinder Singh.

Jean-Luc & Richard were welcomed by Dr Sarinder Singh Sahota and Dr Sarabjit Singh Chandan, who took them around the complex’s facilities – including the Nishkam Health Centre and the adjacent merchants yard. Both were much impressed by the spiritual centre and the hive of activities in support of the local community (25,000 free meals served every week, 7 days a week from 5am, prepared by volunteers!).

Richard & Jean-Luc with Dr Sarindar Signh Sahota

They were then invited to share their thoughts on the Regeneration Masterplan presented by Harpal Singh Kundi, Director of Infrastructure Nishkam.

Jean-Luc Priez commented afterwards: “It was great to hear more about the Gurdwara and the Nishkam Centre and to see how critical this organisation is to the wealth and wellbeing of the community on Soho and its surrounds.”

Richard Moxon added: “ Having known of the Gurdwara for many years now I knew that this coming together would be a great opportunity to share our common vision and to explore how Lench’s Trust, one of Birmingham’s oldest charities, and the Gurdwara, one of Birmingham’s predominant religious and cultural centres, could work together to further their missions.”

Richard & Jean-Luc with Dr Sarabjit Singh Chandan