Valentines Buffet

On Friday 14th February there was a lovely valentines event held for the residents of William Lench Court by Raj and her team (catering).The event consisted of a delicious buffet that included everything from sandwiches to popcorn chicken and for afters had a beautiful evening tea party with home made cake to round out the evening. The love struck residents had a wonderful time as they all got together and told their old love stories from the past. It was truly heart warming to have the residents get to get together and share there love tales between them.                                                                                                             

Furthermore (as previously mentioned) the Buffet was made by Raj and her team that pulled out all the stops when it came to the decoration, turning the café into a eye catching love nest; Complete with balloons, ribbons, roads and of course big red hearts!



Not only did 14th Feb mark Valentines day but also the birthday of our very own resident Raymond. He had a surprise birthday party(thank you Margret for letting us know) complete with his very own cake made by our Kitchen manager Raj! The response was priceless and really put a smile on his face.