In 18th Century England people began displaying love for their partners by presenting each other with flowers, confectionery and cards (now known as Valentine's cards); that tradition is still continued today with many businesses looking to cash in on the event and those with partners buying romantic gifts for their other half. All three of our schemes celebrated the romantic day, at Tanner's Close it was also resident Jean's birthday, so they had cakes and coffee to celebrate. 

William Lench Court and Lench's Close also celebrated the day, both schemes set up lovely decorations had lovely assortments of food. Raj (Head Chef at William Lench Court) and her team prepared a delicious buffet of chicken wings, sandwiches, mini pizzas and more. All three schemes put on a wonderful day for the residents and we hope that the food tasted as good as it looked!

If you'd like to take a look at photos of Valentine's Day at our schemes, please take a look at our Flikr page.