An avid user of the gym at William Lench Court has kindly lent her resistance bands for all the residents and other gym goers to use. We're grateful for this, as it allows us to test out this equipment with residents before investing (they're quite expensive!), so far those that have used them love the variation of exercise it brings and the fact that different bands can be used to cater to their level of strength. Using use free weights for one exercise then bands for the next mixes it up a bit, which can be fun from time to time.

There's all kind of attachments for them, similar to what would be used at commercial gyms, meaning a wide range of exercises can be performed with them. You can use one of the attachments to lodge it low down in a closed door, from this position you can perform chest press, bicep curls, hamstring curls etc. and put it up high for tricep pushdowns and more. Or you can even stand on the middle of a band and perform several exercises like that.

We hope that the rest of the gym goers that use this enjoy using and get as much benefit from them as the few that have already!