In honour of the Queen's Jubilee, we planted a tree and buried a time capsule underneath it at all three schemes. This was to mark the mementoes occasion and it gave the chance for residents to leave a little something behind for those who unearth the time capsule in the future.

Each time capsule was filled with various items, some personal while others put more time-relevant items in - for example, a little covid test kit and a newspaper.

Each tree planting and capsule burial had a coffee morning to go with it, complete with cakes, coffee and plenty of chit-chat - speculating what the future will be like when these items are found. I for one hope our tech still works on their advanced PCs.

Here are various images from each event. As you can see everyone is in high spirits and an event like this doesn't happen very often so it is nice to be a part of something special. 

At the William Lench Court event, we had a lovely poem from Mrs Christine Berry in addition to a prayer from Mr Eric Bridgwater. He had also said a few kind words about the catering staff and all their hard work through the past few years.