Care Team Leader, Mark did a great job running "Memory Lane" on Wednesday with over ten people joining the group. The theme for the day was "Then and now", where several different things from the past (during WWII, the 60's, 70's etc.) were compared to the current day. Sheets showing the typical food rations per week for an adult during WWII were handed out, on which one egg, 3 slices of bacon, 1.2 litres of milk and other items were listed, to which Mark said "What would you even make with one egg?", a resident replied "You'd mix it into vegetables".

Photos of different places in Birmingham in the past were shown too. Such as the Bullring in the late 70s, compared to now, a school classroom in the 1940s and one in the current time. Some of these pictures brought back memories for certain residents and they talked about their recollection of what it was like to be in that time and place. For photos from the day, please visit our Flickr by clicking the yellow button below.