The Tanner's Close residents waited in anticipation this morning waiting for their chance to sit around the table within the common room. Why? The Anglo-Danish Catering team had prepared a delicious christmas-esque hot lunch for them. The tables were laid out with cups and saucers, shiny cutlery and wine glasses filled with beautiful coloured napkins, this was all before the food was served. It was no surprise that the food was scrumptious and no one went away hungry.

After the food, the Tanner's Close choir provided entertainment singing songs such as "There's a small hotel", "Once in a while" and "Always". Jean and Burt Townsend were also presented with the good neighbour Award for their hard work in the choir, putting the songs and music together for other residents to sing along to. To finish off, there was a raffle in which chocolates, a teddy bear and many other fantastic prizes were won. Scheme Manager Marion always puts a lot of effort into filling the residents' timetables with lunches, trips and classes. The staff and residents are very appreciative of all she does at Tanner's Close and we hope to put as much effort into our roles here and she does.