What is St David's Day?

Saint David's Day is a celebration and a tribute to the death of St David, the patron saint of Wales. The event consists of eating traditional Welsh food, while the women wear traditional welsh dress. Even though it is not considered a national holiday within the UK it has been picking up steam over a few years. Even some Welsh cities such as Cardiff hold annual parades to celebrate the event.

Over at Lenchs Close...

Lenchs Close celebrated their St David's Day with a wonderful roast lamb dinner (with all the trimmings) on some beautifully decorated tables topped with daffodils. For an afternoon treat on of the residents made some delicious welsh cakes with clotted cream and jam to go with them.

Lenchs Close had a great day celebrating St David's day and I am sure the residents at Lenchs close was too full to move after such a large feast.