Welcome Back!

As of the 1st September, the restaurant is now open. Raj and her team are looking forward to welcoming you all back into the restaurant.

We have been oblidged to introduce changes in the way the restaurant will function. This is to ensure that physical distancing is being respected and the staff are able to keep the place safe and just as importantly clean at all times.

We would therefore appreciate it if you could note the following: 

  • Only 1 household per table will be allowed (this includes family members). In addition, the residents should not move around tables and chairs.
  • The restaurant will be open for hot beverages/breakfasts every morning from 9.00am - 11.30am; only residents consuming food or beverages from the restaurant will be allowed in.
  • Lunch will be served between 11.45am & 13.30pm. Residents will be asked to book in advance:

                      ✓ From 11.45am – 12.30pm, OR

                      ✓ From 12.45pm – 13.30pm

        Residents may not be allowed in if they have not booked in advance of if the restaurant is full.

  • The restaurant will be open for teas & cakes from 14.00pm - 15.00pm. But once again, only residents consuming in the restaurant will be allowed in.

As from today (Monday 24th August) Raj will be taking on booking for the following week and we hope that you will be supporting her and her team's effort to reopen the restaurant and to make it once again an enjoyable event.

Please do not hesitate to ask Raj or a member of the catering team if you have queries.

Click HERE to find out how to contact Raj to book a table in the restaurant.

To download a copy of the letter click HERE

We look forward to seeing you!