The more you know, the better!

We are now a few weeks into leaving lockdown with the UK and the Lench’s Trust. From 6th July visitors were allowed to come and visit their friends and family at the different schemes of Lench’s Trust- provided that they have been making sure to keep a close social bubble. Of course with the allowance of visitors comes risks of potentially bringing Covid-19 into the building. To lower the risk of this happening there is some regulations we have put into place. First, everyone has to make sure, they are appropriately socially distanced and that facemasks are used (to protect themselves and the people around them). Secondly, everyone should be wearing gloves or making sure their hands are properly sanitised. Its okay if you do not have your own bottle as throughout the different schemes at Lench’s Trust will have hand sanitiser stations placed throughout the buildings. They should be used regularly and when you enter the building.

                                                    These posters will provide an assortment on useful information

In addition to these measures, there have been new pin boards placed around the three schemes that are full of information that is accessible and easy to read, whilst providing the necessities of keeping yourself covid free. The information the boards contain notices to always wear a mask as, stay at home as much as possible, limit contact with other people, wash hands regularly for 20 seconds and how to avoid catching/spreading corona virus.  These boards will be placed at key entranceways at the schemes to make sure everyone will see them.