Keep up to date!

Have you missed a letter? Want to download a copy? Or just a resident or family member and wanted to keep updated on our Coronavirus Updates for the Trust?

Well that have been solved with the latest page on our Website entitled "Coronavirus Updates". This page will provide every copy of the letters sent out to the residents as well as the weekly coronavirus newsletters we published (Up to issue 15).

To find this page you can click - HERE, or follow these steps:

1) From the home page, hover you mouse cursor over "News and Events" (Located just under the search bar)

2) When hovering over "News and Events" a drop-down menu will appear with a selection of pages to go to. Click the first option "Coronavirus Updates".

3) Once you have clicked "Coronavirus Updates" you will be redirected to the page. From there you will have access to past newsletters that have been sent to residents.