The day began with the residents of William Lench Court showing off their wonderful costumes based on different times throughout the Trust's existence, a great example of this is resident Malcolm who dressed as our founder William Lench, wearing clothes in the style of what'd be worn in the 1500's. The TV station Made In Birmingham visited to cover the event (it was aired yesterday 6pm) and join in on some of the fun. There were entertaining games to play too, such as hoopla, coconut shy and willing volunteers were thrown soapy sponges at while bound in medieval style stocks. Although lots of fun was had, the focus of the day was to dispel misconceptions of those living in supported housing and tell the stories of people living in such places, we did so through a presentation playing in the background and interviews of residents around about their lives here (link to interviews below). Later on we all enjoyed the hog roast with a delicious bap, succulent pork and flavorsome apple sauce, it was a great ending to a great day and we hope next year comes close to how good this National Housing Day was!

Resident interviews link