Just before 11 am today, over 50 people gathered outside the activity room awaiting Marion's return from an exercise class nearby. On arrival, she was confused as to what was happening, there were staff members, Trustees and the residents all together at her scheme. After she went inside to sit down, so did everyone else, we sat for a while and drank tea and coffee (at this point she still didn't know why everyone was there).

After 10 minutes or so, Trustee Tom requested silence and announced that we weren't really there to take part in a coffee morning but to celebrate her having been with Lench's Trust for 25 years. She was overwhelmed at this point and two members of staff from head office gave her bouquets of colourful flowers, Tom mentioned the hard work she had done over that time and the residents appreciated all the help to make their lives much easier. Different residents spoke up too, giving gifts and praises to her.

Volunteer Rita prepared a large selection of delicious food for the day, including sandwiches, kebabs, sausage rolls, crisps, quiches, different cakes and more. Everyone chatted amongst themselves and enjoyed all the yummy food on offer.

Thank you Marion for all your hard work and making Tanner's Close into a great place to live.

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