Lench's Trust; A plan to return to normality

Residents will be happy to see the schemes slowing returning to a normality. To start, the hair salons at Lench's Close and William Lench Court have been re-open; with some of our stylist residents itching to get rid of that lockdown hair! Our Gym Instructor, Bobby, will be getting in contact with residents at William Lench Court with details on his new and exciting plans for the gym. It has been a while since these services have been open and it is great to see them back!

As the restrictions are not due to relax until 17th May at the earliest. So in view of these guidelines we are pleased to announce the following plan to return our schemes to a normal life:

  • The garden furniture will be reinstated in the communal grounds on 17th May;
  • The restaurant at William Lench Court and the kitchen's at Lench's Close and Tanner's Close will re-open on 17th May;
  • Communal activities will resume on 21st June.

The vaccination programmed of all residents and staff has been a great success but I would like to reiterate the message that the vaccine alone cannot protect you and your loved ones. It is critical that we follow the national guidelines if we want to avoid another wave of the pandemic and a fourth lockdown.

So until the key stages have been met, we would like to remind our residents that going out and about in the community can still pose a risk to yourself and fellow residents.

We have all made enormous sacrifices over the last 12 months, foregoing meeting families and friends, unable to say a proper goodbye to the loved ones who have passed away, and missing out on the many social activities which bound us together.

Let us all work towards a safe and, hopefully, irreversible return to normal.

Thank You!