In anticipation of 19th July, the day the Covid restrictions are lifted across England.

It is safe to say that we have been relatively successful during this first stage of the pandemic, with very few cases and no casualties, thanks to our continued vigilance and thanks to our continued vigilance and your support in the implementation of relatively strict measures to keep Covid at bay throughout Lench's Trust.

I mention the "first stage of the pandemic" as you will have heard the Prime Minister say on many occasions, we will now have to learn to live with the virus for the foreseeable future.

As from Monday we shall be fully reopening our communal areas to the residents, despite the obvious dangers when the number of new cases are on the rise and new variants in circulation, and we hope that common sense will prevail amongst all to keep us all safe.

  • All communal areas will reopen fully to the residents - but outside visitors to events will still not be allowed until further notice (this includes the restaurant at William Lench Court, the gym and the hairdressing salons);
  • Wearing of masks by residents and will be left to personal choice, as per the government's decision, be will put posters and the premises to remind the residents that this remain one of the best ways to protect both themselves and others;
  • Staff will continue wear masks when in presence of residents, and carers full PPE as prescribed by their manager;
  • At William Lench Court controlled access (via the entry system) will be kept, but throughout the Trust there will no longer be a need visitors to register (track & trace).

We are entering a very sensitive period - end of restrictions, numbers going up, autumn/winter approaching, with accrued risks due to flu - and we must remain vigilant and proactive. Full vaccination (including against the flu) will be our best line of defence over the coming months and we will continue to ensure all have access to it in a timely manner.

I trust that the above will receive your full support and that you will understand that, whilst we will lift most (if not all) restrictions, we will remain cautious and keep or re-introduce limited precautionary measured on a discretionary basis.