Who are the John Taylor Hospice?

The John Taylor hospice is one of the oldest hospices in the UK and was founded all the way back in 1910 by a professor called John Taylor. By the 1970s the hospice had become apart of the NHS and had started treating people in their own homes and was very successful. By 2011 the hospice became independent and brought all of its different businesses into the family. The John Taylor hospice has been going for a strong 110 years and hopefully it will continue for many years to come.

Tanners Close contribution to the John Taylor Hospice.

On the 4th March Tanners Close held a coffee morning and a sale to raise funds for the John Taylor hospice. The event went amazingly, in  the morning the residents came together for a pleasant day with plenty of socialising and overall had a lot of fun. 

While the coffee morning was going on there was also a sale on! The residents made cakes, hampers and even brought in some unwanted items in hopes to sell them off to a new home.


Once the event had finished Tanners Close had raised a sum off £107.00 which is really great! Well done for a successful morning at Tanners Close and hope to see another coffee morning again in the future!