Our resident Mavis who lives at William Lench Court volunteered to be part of a series filmed by ITV on loneliness, and how living with Lench's Trust has helped her feel included and welcome within a friendly community. Reporter Rebecca Burrows and Mark Gough (the business correspondent for ITV Central) made a trip to William Lench Court on the morning of 6th December to interview Mavis and find out about her life story. Rebecca and Mark enjoyed their visit so much they even stayed to have lunch with the residents which they said was a treat.

We thank Mark and Rebecca for their kind co-operation, and we will let you know when they programme will be aired. Mavis also had a wonderful time, and was happy to be a part of the programme. She's now our new celebrity at William Lench Court.

We also want to thank Ageing Better in Birmingham who Mavis has been a part of for 2 years now, and the part it plays with the national Ageing Better programme. This scheme is a 6-year lottery funded programme that is looking at reducing the causes of social isolation for older adults. Mavis is one of their Experts by Experience, and it is through this programme that Groundwork West Midlands (one of the Ageing Better contract leads) could arrange the filming with Mavis and ITV. We will continue to support Mavis and the work she carries out with local non-profit organisations, and hope that you will reach out to them if you feel you need to -