Today is an opportunity for governments, charities, companies and individuals to raise awareness about the struggles faced by young people today, it was back in 2000 when the UN designated the day, with the purpose to draw attention to both cultural and legal issues regarding youth. Since then there have been countless workshops, events, concerts, fundraisers and rallies to do exactly that, these involve government officials, young people and youth organisations to ensure that they have a real impact.

The most important thing about this day is that it really does significantly improve the circumstances of youth, this is all down to the hard work from young people themselves, organisations and charities coordinating those taking part and then others listening to their struggles and making a change for the better.

Although it does not occur on the day itself, we try and do our bit too, by allowing young people from The Challenge Network to complete their charity work at our schemes, hoping to give them a view into the life of the elderly in Birmingham and show that people living in supported housing aren't any different to them. The residents living at each scheme also enjoy the opportunity to speak to younger people and get to know those taking part in The Challenge.

If you can think of way to help a young person today, please do so!