Resident Chris from Lench's Close in Moseley had previously received computer lessons from two different Lench's Trust staff during their time working here, he learned how to use the keyboard and mouse, start up an internet browser and more importantly how to search for things using Google. They explained that the internet contains almost anything you can think of, you've just got to type it into Google's search bar and press enter.

Chris had kept this up for a long time since, looking at books, crosswords and holidays. A little while ago he remembered his grandad's full name, he searched for him using Google and went onto a family tree website, he couldn't find him and so decided to try another day. He did so and reminded himself of his cousin Gilly, who he surprisingly still knew the phone number of from 40 years ago, Chris decided to phone the number and to his surprise, she answered and recognised his voice straight away! They have kept in touch since and both agreed to meet soon, they plan to use the same website and find more of their separated family.

Before this, Chris didn't know the location of any family, he now is in touch with his cousin Gilly, her brother (also called Chris) and sister too, who he spent time with back then. He intends to send a photo of him from last Christmas, which shows him and two friends having fun at the 2017 Lench's Close Christmas party.