Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an initiative that introduces young people across six continents to entrepreneurship. It began in the UK and USA in 2007, since then more than 10 million people from 102 countries have taken part in entrepreneurial activities during the week. Entrepreneurs, policy-makers, politicians and education practitioners all take part. Last year 88 countries hosted the week and 32,000 activities were organised. The GEW's aim is to show the benefits of entrepreneurship through different activities and to motivate young people to explore their own ideas.

Outside the Adam and Eve

The Adam and Eve in Digbeth is a great example of a place that helps to do exactly what this week is all about, it's a social enterprise that employs those experiencing problems with addiction and homelessness. They have a coffee shop and board room that is used for talks and meetings. The employees undergo a 12 month apprenticeship where they are taught practical skills in a coffee shop environment such as customer service, how to make certain foods, how to use a till etc. all while being paid living wage. The initiative more importantly helps to develop the young people's character in ways that they can carry for the rest of their life, by helping them build work ethic, interact with new people and make friends. As well as helping people get a kick-start to their career, they also are linked to many other pubs and cafes that may employ them after their apprenticeship with the Adam and Eve is over.

The food and drink in the cafe is excellent too, there are a selection of paninis, sandwiches, types of coffee and tea. Each drink that you buy from the cooler has its very own unique backstory of where and how it's produced, plus which charity a portion of the profit from the item is going to. It's a nice place to sit, eat and catch up with your friends, so if you're ever around, please support a good cause and go visit.

One of their lovely coffees