Brian has finished his gigantic gazebo! Only one thing was missing - an official opening party. Lench's Close celebrated in style with lots and lots of food. Around 100 people joined in the celebrations, and all of the residents are very grateful for the effort that has gone into constructing the gazebo.

Here's what Brian had to say about his building project back in June:

I’ve been building this gazebo, on and off, for a couple of months. First of all, we had to put in the uprights. They’re two foot down in the ground – Paul gave me a hand with that. And then we put in all the bracing pieces for the roof, and the cross members to hold the corrugated plastic sheets which form the roof. We’ve also added hooks to the beams, which will have flower baskets hanging from them. It’s going to look alright isn’t it - especially when the grass is cut as well. We’ll get good use out of it I’m sure. I know one or two now who already sit in here. It’s quiet and away from the street and you can listen to the birds sing; it’s quite lovely. My son Mark has been giving me a hand - especially with lifting all the timbers. He hasn’t just been making the coffee, I’ve been sure to put him to work. We hope you all enjoy it!