Two amazing volunteers from the charity "Focus Birmingham" came to visit a group of 15 residents at our scheme in Quinton, William Lench Court. They were a huge help to those there, one resident telling volunteer Chris about her recent loss of vision and that she was thinking of buying a 60 inch TV so she could see it more easily, Chris instead mentioned that with her type of vision loss, sight would become more narrow, so a smaller screen woulds actually be better, like an i Pad. The volunteers also mentioned that residents can be referred to a low vision clinic, where they can be offered more advice and help with leading a more fulfilling life despite of their disability.

Advice for those with hearing impairment was also mentioned, several types of technologies were brought up, such as i Phones soon getting the ability to relay sound received through its microphone into the head/earphones attached to it. This means that having earphones in and placing your i Phone on the table could make group conversations much easier.

Thank you so much to Focus Birmingham for all this information, we're sure many of our residents will benefit from your visit.