As of today (Monday 6th July) all schemes apart of the Lench’s Trust have made the decision to lift the lockdown. This was an extremely hard decision to make but there have been many families and residents expressing that they would like to see each other. Of course, just to be safe it is still required to wear a facemask and wear gloves or use hand sanitiser when visiting. This will further decrease the risk of Covid-19. Lockdown may have ended but it is still important that you remain safe. More information on what the end of Lench’s Lockdown means is below.

What the end of Lench’s Trust Lockdown means:

All schemes apart Lench’s Trust have ended lockdown, but what exactly does this mean?

Firstly, Visitors will be allowed back in to the schemes. This includes families, cleaners, hairdressers, deliveries etc. As previously mentioned it is advised that a facemask is worn at all times in communal area- corridors and the reception area.

Second, as people from the outside are now allowed to visit (and residents are going out more) services such, as shopping or the delivery of shopping to the individual apartments will be continuing no longer. This service will only be provided to those that are not able to go out or do not have families or friends to do so. Furthermore, this service is extended to residents that have health problems and wish to continue lockdown for that purpose.

Additionally, the Lench’s Trust will no longer dispose the rubbish on behalf of the residents and specifically for our scheme at William Lench Court; post will not be delivered for the residents, instead it will be placed on tables at reception and residents will have to collect it themselves ( naturally post will be distributed to only those that are housebound.).

Finally what is mentioned above does not affect the communal areas (including the laundries), which will remain closed until September at least, and the restaurant at William Lench Court.

As mentioned numerous times throughout the article - when visiting any of the schemes at Lench’s Trust please wear PPE as it is crucial now more than ever now that more visitors. Of course, make sure you keep social distancing around non-family members or other residents to keep risk low. 

Our number one priority is to keep our residents and staff safe throughout the lockdown and we hope to everyone visiting people throughout our schemes that you stay safe!