Today marks beginning of Easter here at Lench Trust, William Lench Court, Lench's Close and Tanner's Close all celebrated the day with hot cross, Easter eggs, various delicious foods and not to mention the magnificent DIY bonnets made by the residents. They were multicoloured, featuring egg shells, small toy animals, flowers and numerous other decorations.

The residents that came with homemade bonnets were judged on their creations for decorations used, creativity, potential time spent and their uniqueness. A first, second and third place resident was selected from each scheme (nine winners altogether) and each of them won an Easter themed prize, likewise, all those attending were given a chocolate egg for their great attempts. Residents ate their Easter treats, drank tea or coffee and chatted amongst themselves. The relatives of a few residents popped in, to give their family a visit, adding to the fun time had at each scheme and giving some residents the chance to talk to someone they usually wouldn't. This time of year at Lench's Trust is packed full of activities, fun and great weather, so we look forward to what else is coming soon (take a look at our upcoming events page)!