The Christmas period is a stand-out time in the year, families comes together (wondering what presents they'll get from each other), lots of wholesome food is eaten (many mince pies) and children wait for Santa to come and pay a visit (by somehow sliding down their chimney). Aside from those wonderful things, the feeling you get around this time is like none other. However, beneath that you can feel they are coming but you don't know when. No, not White Walkers from our favourite TV show, carollers. They of course are much less a threat, but when you've been working hard and it's cold outside, it's nice just to sit inside where it's nice and warm, just relaxing without having to open the door to anybody. During this period many of us feel more generous and do more helpful acts for others, so no matter whether you're celebrating Christmas for religious or other reasons, it really is a wonderful time of year.