Chinese New Year is starting Tuesday 1st February to Tuesday 15th February for two weeks. In celebration, at Lench’s Trust, we will be holding a small Chinese Buffet in celebration on Friday 4th February.

However, before we talk about what is on the Buffet let us talk about why the Chinese New Year is celebrated and what the Year of the Tiger means.

In Chinese zodiacs, the Tiger is the third animal and is known to be the king of all beasts; having qualities such as being competitive, self-confident, brave, strong-willed and strong.  It’s a great good luck symbol in China with children often wearing hats and other accessories with the image of a Tiger. In China, the concept of the Ying and Yang, where there are good/positives there must also be bad/negatives. In the case of the Tiger, its negative characteristics are aggressive, short-tempered and anxious.

These celebrations have a deep meaning in China and a very intertwined in its nation’s roots with the event having its own legend. The legend goes that at the beginning of each year a dragon (Nian) would constantly attack villagers and the only way to chase the dragon away was to scare it with loud noises, bright lights and the iconic New Year’s colour – that is red.

The Chinese New Year celebrations are meant to send off the old year and welcome the luck and prosperity of a new year. It is very common to see red clothing and themes through the celebrations along with fireworks, firecrackers and decorations everywhere.  This time of year is perfect for family members to get together, spend time with one another and feast.

The final day of the New Year’s celebration has a Lantern Festival held at night with everyone holding paper lanterns and a paper dragon marching through the festival for good luck!

Another such tradition put into practice during the New Year’s celebrations is to clean your home to rid it of any bad luck that may linger.

How are Lench’s Trust celebrating the Chinese New Year?

In celebration to honour the event at William Lench Court, we are having our very own Chinese buffet. Friday 4th February is the date we have planned for the event – complete with a menu that will be sure to pull you in. See below: