Admiral Nurses provide support catered towards dementia, they are there for when things get difficult, providing expert guidance, practical solutions and one-to-one support. This kind of help allows families to live more balanced lives and gain understanding of how to interact with people suffering from dementia, their work has definitely not gone unnoticed as we held a fundraiser for them last week. Our events are usually well attended but this had quite a few more people than expected, showing it's a cause close to people's hearts, including the residents that came. 

The day started at 11 am with a cake sale, it was £2 for two cakes and there was a large assortment to choose from such as scones, cupcakes, cheesecake etc. The cakes were almost completely gone within 45 minutes so it's fair to say they were enjoyed! We then had a raffle where ticket buyers had a chance of snatching a bottle of alcohol, there was lots to choose from such as beer, cider, wine and prosecco. Each winner went away with a lovely bottle to enjoy on special occasions.

Residents then went about their business until 2 pm, when we held an auction for an assortment of wonderful items, that was well attended too. Thanks to all the residents and others attending we managed to raise a huge £855! Well done to all those that took part, we're glad to have done our bit to help Admiral Nurses who make such a big impact on the lives of those suffering from dementia and their families too.