Upon congratulating him for winning resident of the month and catching up, here's what William Lench Court resident Malcolm had to say:
I think what won me resident of the month was the ideas that I had around National Housing Day, I struck lucky by phoning the woman from the REP who was in charge of the costumes and telling her what we wanted to do, have different costumes going from Henry VIII's time to now. I took four residents over to the REP so she could take their measurements and the lift there broke, so there wasn't a point in taking any more over and she had to do the rest by guess work.  Luckily the sizing turned out great and there was only one that was a bit off, but we managed to get it to fit! We wanted them for a reasonable amount of money, everyone else was saying they wanted around £100 per costume but luckily the woman at the REP was kind and offered a much lower price. If it wasn't for the ladies that dressed up, it wouldn't have turned out the way it did by making the whole day and luckily many women love to dress up. Jane, Heather and Linda from the office did a lot of work too for the day, like preparing all the photos of the old schemes and the bits of history about the Trust.  Apart from that, I haven't been up to much, I've been ill for the past few days and so I've just been watching plenty of TV. I'm looking forward to Christmas, I was undecided whether to go away or not this time but eventually decided to go see my sister in Hampshire.