Maureen and Ken are two of our residents at William Lench Court. Here is what Maureen had to say about her and Ken's life at William Lench Court:

I'm writing this article on behalf of my husband Ken (he's never written anything in his life!) and myself Maureen Canton.

We moved here in April 2012, so three years ago now, and we left idyllic rural living in Wales to move back here. It wasn't strange as both of us are Brummies and proud of where we come from. What Ken found difficult at first was adapting to this kind of communal living but I think all of you would now agree that after a few months he now 'runs the place'! Of course we miss our old lifestyle, but we made the move at the right time to be near our family and at least now they all know we are safe here and can pop in whenever they like.

Life can be hectic here as there is always something going on, and although I don't get involved as much as Ken I still like to socialise with friends I've made here. I especially like taking part in our very successful Knit & Natter group, which anyone is welcome to come along to on Thursday afternoons at two o'clock.

I think the apartments here are superb, I can't really fault it, there were a few teething problems to begin with but they were soon put right. All the staff are really nice, even if they are sometimes a bit overworked, and the care staff have always been pleasant. I'm sure when I do need them, we will be even more pleased to have moved here.