Ninety-eight year old Harry has lived with Lench's Trust for thirteen years now, eleven years spent at Lench's Close in Moseley and two at William Lench Court in Quinton. Here is what he had to say about living with us:

I have been living here for thirteen years altogether, eleven in Moseley and a couple here, before that, me and my wife lived in Hodge Hill, towards Castle Bromwich. To me it was a big advantage at Lench's Close, everything is there, the chemist, doctors, shops are all within walking distance, making it the ideal place at our age, now at Quinton there are shops just down the road too.

There are plus sides to both schemes, at Lench's Close there are less people, so those there are closer, however the flats are much bigger and comfortable at William Lench Court. The meals at Lench's Close were great, the portions weren't huge but it was more than enough, plus it tasted good. There are lots of activities at William Lench Court, I went to the Friday quiz a couple of weeks ago, I may go again tonight.