I do like to get quite involved with things around the scheme, for example by looking afer the lovely and very calming fishpong, where I built a wooden cottage with an operating water wheel that conceals the pump to the pond. The residents and I love to sit there and watch the fish and with the weather showly getting nicer, we cannot wait to admire the pond, green lawns, colourful flower beds, hanging baskets and pots, that always look so lovely, over the coming (hopefully sunny!) months. 

Talking about the weather, I will be glad when the warmer weather is here so that I can start feeding the fish properly. At the moment they're feeding off the bottom of the pond, which they do during the colder months. I also want to try out a new pond vacuum as it cleans all the algae off the bottom and the sides. The sunshine will also, hopefully, allow me to repaint the water mill I made as well as replace the netting and new framework over the pond. 

I also like to get myself involved in Dave's plays and have played a couple of parts. I'm hoping to partake in the third one comping up later this spring. Throughout the year there is lots going on at Lench's but I especially look forward to the race nights where I can give Sheila (the organiser) a helping hand. Alfie calls me the bookies runner because I take the bets for some of the residents and fetch their winnings! It's a good night a couple of hours out for the residents. 

Living at Lench's Close feels like such a privelege and giving a helping hand wherever I can is what makes my world go round!