For many, mobile phones are a regular part of life, an item seen pulled out of pockets and stared at in many social situations, often when not needed at all. They can indeed be used too much, as they often are, however the benefits of owning one can impact your life in a hugely positive way if used in moderation. If you haven't had a mobile phone that was recently released or ever had one, it can seem like a big step towards even being able to use the basics, but it's easier than it seems and it will make your life a lot more convenient and open a new door to the technology the world has to offer. So because of that, here's five important benefits of owning a mobile phone yourself:

  • Convenience:

No matter where you are (as long as there's signal), you can simply pull your phone from your pocket and make a call without being tied to one place by a wire. Mobiles take around 30-40 seconds to turn on and if you keep it locked, it will save power until you unlock it again.

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  • Take photos:

A great thing about many mobile phones now is the high quality cameras that come built into them, even though it's not the main function of a phone, it can come in handy when you see a nice sight or something unusual that you'd like to share with others. Maybe it will become your new hobby!

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  • Know where you are:

GPS technology allows you to see where you are on a map no matter where you are (as long as there's signal). Just turn on your phone and open a maps application such as Google Maps, you will see your position and from there you can plan your route to your destination.

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  • Learn new things:

Since many mobiles now have the capability to access the internet, you are able to search for anything at anytime; this is an extremely helpful feature for when you see something that you want to know more about. Say for example you're reading the newspaper while on the bus and see an article around how robot dogs are the next big thing, you could search up more about the topic and find out more!

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  • Emergency situations:

Mobile phones do not 100% ensure your safety, however they are a great thing to bring out with you and keep in your pocket just in case. If an accident happens and you have your mobile, you can quickly contact someone who can help you, such as the police or an ambulance. 

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If after reading this article, you're more interested in owning a mobile phone or it has at least made you aware of benefits of one, then it has done it's job! 

To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless.

Ted Turner