V-J Day 75th Anniversary

8th May 1945 is also known as Victory in Europe Day is the day Germany unconditionally surrendered its armed forces, and the end of the war in Europe. It is a day celebrated by the United Kingdom and all of its allies. It was a momentous occasion in the UK's history. At the time many people hit the streets celebrating and boosting morale, it was also announced that people could buy bunting (red, white and blue) without having to use ration coupons.

For other people it was a piece of closure, many had lost their lives and families that received such sad news knew that their sacrifice was not in vain. It was a day hit with mixed emotions, both happy and sad.

However even through this moment of celebration many knew that the war had not been entirely won as Japan still had to be defeated and members of the Allied forces was still fighting strong over in the Far East and the Pacific. VE day was a bittersweet occasion for the Allied forces because they knew back home in Europe was free from the fighting.

Going through May there was still thousands of Allied servicemen still fighting. Heavy casualties was building up for both sides but ultimately Japan announced their surrender on 14th August and come 2nd September the act of surrender was signed. This was a huge occasion as this meant the war had finally ended around the world and we had total victory.

Once again after this more problems began to arise, lives were returning back to normal but the impact of war was effecting everyone. There was lots of damage and the economy had to get back on its feet. It took a while for things to truly return to normal as clothes rationing lasted until 1949 and food rationing lasted all the way until 1954. The cost of the war had long lasting effects.

But now with the 75th Anniversary here, it is great to look back at our history and reflect on the great victory but also take some time to remember those that gave their lives to protect our country.

Please the time to get into contact with any grandparents or older relatives and have a talk with them, share their stories of post-war Britain on what it was like when the war was won, for both VE day and V-J day.