Today, 25th March 2021, is Tolkien Reading Day; a day dedicated to celebrating the work of J.R.R. Tolkien by reading some of your favourite bits from his books and posting them online with other likeminded fans – celebrating Tolkien’s works together. Every year the theme changes, with today’s theme being Hope and Courage.

Throughout this event feel free to dive into any number of Tolkien’s works, even if you do not have time during the day to sit down and get a few chapters in then do not worry. Audible has many of Tolkien’s books available to listen ; so that you can listen to his works even when you are busy or just casually throughout the day.

So why the 25th March? This date was specifically when “The One Ring” was destroyed – marking the end of Frodo’s journey and defeating the Sauron – aligning with this years theme ,it took hope and courage for Frodo and Sam to make the journey to Mount Doom and destroy the ring once and for all.


The Tolkien Society has been setting up readings throughout the day with others. If you are interested in taking part then why not visit HERE and sign up for the remaining sessions (Midday and Evening).

Or you can virtually set up a reading with friends using zoom. Though my personal favourite would be setting up the Journey to Middle Earth table top RPG and have fun creating you own journey!

So until next time Namárië.(that's farewell in elvish!)