What is going on?

Over these past few weeks going through into March , there has been many temperature drops and a harsh turn for the weather. We have not long had storm Ciara hit, then immediately followed by storm Dennis- both throwing out torrential rains and winds up to 80mph! To top that all off there has been upcoming predictions for snow all over the UK ( and from yesterday those predictions are looking to be coming true). It has been a very cold month overall and doesn't seem to be letting up soon!

What can you do?

There are many things you can do to keep yourself warm and safe:

1) First things first if you have to go out and brave the weather then of course you will need to suit up and wear the correct clothing. This means get yourself a thick coat with plenty of insulation and has a hood on it. A pair of gloves to have on hand will go along way too, just for that extra warmth to keep away from that biting cold!

2) Secondly, not only is it important to keep your persons warm going out but to keep your home warm too. This can be done by turning up the thermostat to a comfortable level and making sure any gaps underneath doors are covered to keep the heat in and stop any warmth seeping out of your home. Doing this will keep you warmer for longer and cost effective for any heating bills too.

3) If you have to travel on any snowy/ice covered surfaces it is very important that you use the safer gritted roads or pavements. This will ensure that any hazards to slipping over will be eliminated, giving you a safer journey.

4) You may be out for quite a while and you need that extra warmth to last longer on the outside. This can be tackled by having a convenient flask that has you preferred hot drink/ soup with you just to keep you warming throughout the day.

5) Lastly, and the most important tip, if you don't have to go outside then please don't! Heavy snow will lower visibility and making the roads/pavements a lot more dangerous ( even if they have been previously gritted). So the best course of action is to stay indoors and wait until this all blows over.