From Monday 6th July all schemes at Lench’s Trust ended lockdown, as there was an increasing demand from families and residents to see each other and catch-up as it has been a long few months without physical contact. We waited two extra days from the governments 4th July lockdown end so we could add more social distancing precautions to the measures we have already in place. As you may have previously read in a previous article (click HERE to read more) we have already set measures in place for lockdown to keep the residents and staff safe such as: Hand sanitising stations, stickers and signs providing information on appropriate social distancing and symptoms, post had been separated and delivered by staff, food parcels and even meals getting delivered for those that want them. Now let us take a look at what head office have been doing to keep themselves safe within their work environment inside head office.


What is new

First, there is a strict social distancing rule in place to make sure we are not standing or working to close to each other. Members of the office also have to wash their hands periodically throughout the day as well as using anti-bacterial sprays and wipes to clean their work surfaces and any equipment that is used (i.e. wiping down the photocopier etc.). Members of the office are also required wear masks or face shields when in the office. Dividers have also been set up between desks to protect those that may have to work close to each other.

Since lockdown has ended at the Lench’s Trust, it is crucial that we maintain a safe working environment for the staff and residents within the months ahead. Covid-19 has not gone yet and we must remain alert until the virus has gone. 

Please remember to stay safe!