If a situation 

Lay off

arises where there is a reduction in work, or there is an occurrence or other circumstances that impact on the normal running of our business, we reserve the right to tell you not to attend work for a period of time. This is known as ‘lay off’.

If you are subjected to lay off, you are still required to be available for work at short notice and attend work if additional work is found for you.

You will not be paid during the lay off period. You may, however, be entitled to Statutory Guarantee Pay, which will be paid in line with statutory rules and rates at that time. You may however lose your entitlement to the Statutory Guarantee Pay if you are offered alternative work and you refuse it.

If lay off is for more than 5 days you will be given a letter confirming this, which may entitle you to claim benefits even though you are still an employee of ours.

Lay off does not affect your continuity of employment.

Short time working

When it is necessary to put employees on short time working, that is when there is insufficient work available for the employee to occupy all of their normal hours of work in a day, the allocation of work to employees will depend on the type of work and how much work needs to be done. The decision on this will be made according to needs of the business. You will be notified of the hours you are required to work, and, where possible, given an indication of how long the short time working will last. However, you will be required to be available and to attend work should additional hours become available.

Periods of short time working do not affect your continuity of employment.