There have been talks from the government over the last week on whether or not mask wearing should be compulsory when you enter a shop or supermarket. It has been a growing concern due to elderly people, like our residents, that go out to do their daily shopping but are potentially at risk as there will be many other strangers in the shop that could be unknowingly carrying the virus.

From the 15th June it has been compulsory for people to wear masks on public transport to prevent the spread of the virus, so this is the next logical step.

Starting from the 24th July it will now be compulsory for people to wear masking in shops and supermarkets across the UK. Failure to do so will get you a £100 fine or £50 if it is paid within two weeks.The UK government want to insure the public that actions like this are here to shop that a second wave of corona virus is a risk that is being taken very seriously. Additionally the store staff themselves do not need to wear a mask but it is recommended.

Some places you will be required to provide some of your personal details because you will need to be tested if an outbreak occurs at the place you visited. This is a safety protocol to let you know if you might have been exposed to some one with corona; done for your protection. If you do not feel comfortable providing details then you are simply instructed to not go to these places. As these procedures are here to protect every one.

There has been more and more scientific evidence that wearing a mask does in fact reduce the risk of corona, not just for yourself but for others too (provided people are wearing their masks)

So now is the best time to get some masks ready for when you go shopping from the 24th July and if you cannot buy any then click HERE to learn how to make your own cloth mask.