You will be paid at the times and methods set out in your principal statement of terms and conditions of employment. However, we reserve the right to vary the method and frequency of payment and will let you know about any change of this nature.
You will receive a payslip detailing how the payment made to you has been calculated. It will also show the deductions that have been made and the reasons for them, for example, Tax and National Insurance.


If you have been inadvertently overpaid or underpaid for any reason you must let your manager know straight away. The overpayment or underpayment will normally be corrected at the next payment period.
If it is later discovered that you were overpaid, we reserve the right to deduct the overpayment from your remuneration.

Salary/wage reviews

Salary/wage reviews will be held in annually and you will normally be advised of any alterations to your wages. Salary/wage reviews are not a guarantee of a pay rise.


The Organisation will reimburse you for approved expenses wholly and necessarily incurred in the course of your work.

It is not the purpose of payment for expenses to provide you with an incentive or reward for non- standard duties. The amount of any payment for expenses will be the additional costs incurred as a result of you undertaking a work assignment.

Expenses will be paid in accordance with the regulations and interpretation of the HM Revenue & Customs or suspended if necessary at its instruction.

Any special ad hoc arrangements made to suit particular circumstances will not be considered to set any form of precedent.
You will be entitled to claim the following providing they are reasonable, and the appropriate documentation has been completed and supporting receipts (including VAT receipts) submitted:

• Cars - mileage at the rate notified and all necessary parking charges and unavoidable tolls. (You are responsible for any fines or penalties incurred). It will be your responsibility to make sure you are insured for Business use.
• Trains - standard class fare
• Accommodation - cost of room.

You are expected to use the most cost effective transport, methods and routes if travelling to carry out your duties.

Prior authorisation from your Line Manager must be obtained before any expense is incurred. Failure to obtain authorisation may result in the expense not being reimbursed.

Payment of your expense claims may be delayed or not paid at all if not properly substantiated. Fraudulent expenses claims will result in dismissal for gross misconduct.
We reserve the right to deduct any over claimed expenses from any monies owed to you by the business.

Cash and Money Handling Procedure

Any employees involved in financial transactions with beneficiaries of the Charity must ensure that they are aware of and comply fully with the Organisation’s financial regulations and procedures.


When collecting other fees such as electricity pay and television licence fees Scheme Managers must check the amount tendered and enter this into the bank immediately.

Money must not be taken from residents or their relatives unless a receipt is given.

Employees must ensure that accurate recordings are made of all monetary transactions handled by them in the course of their duties, this includes transactions taking place on customer’s premises (e.g. cash on delivery and sales orders).

All monies etc. received must be handed in with the relevant documentation. Any discrepancies/shortages must be reported immediately.

Fraudulent recording of financial transactions or financial impropriety will result in dismissal for gross misconduct.

Time and Attendance

In order to monitor your hours at work, you may be asked to complete a timesheet.

All time sheets must be completed and returned to your line manager in a timely manner as indicated to you by your line manager. It is important that you ensure that your timesheet is completely accurate as submitting false or inaccurate time sheets may lead to disciplinary action and if circumstances warrant it, your actions could result in your dismissal without notice for gross misconduct.