...But be mindful.

As of Tuesday 1st September and the previous weeks leading up to it, many people have been urged to return to work by the government to insure our economy stays afloat and businesses can start earning again(Up to 50,000 London retailers alone have closed up shop due to lack of visitors). 1st September has been the date for most people to return as it is deemed safe to do so.

This also applies to schools as over the coming week, they will start to reopen and have the children come back. Even though everyone returning is great there is still some risks you need to consider when on public transport and moving through Birmingham or surrounding towns.

As you know, a few months ago the government have made it mandatory to wear facemask on public transport and when inside shops. This highlights the first point and that is always to make sure you have a mask with you at all times, and on at all times. Do not remove them when you are coming off the public transport or leaving a shop. The risk is still there around other people, especially if social distancing is not possible, the mask is there as the last line of defence. Remember the mask is there to protect others not just yourself.

-Social Distancing on public transport with the mandatory mask rule in effect.

When traveling the one thing that you will most assuredly do, is touch a surface (especially on public transport). The next tip is to always wear gloves or carry hand sanitiser with you. In regular intervals (for example every 15 mins) clean your hands of any germs just in case - in addition to this do not touch your face to further reduce risk.

Next is to make sure to keep yourself physically distanced from everyone else (a minimum of 1 metre at the shortest) as a buffer. This applies to waiting for public transport, waiting in a queue and sitting on transport or in a restaurant. Around many major cities and towns the local authority there have put markings on the floor to guide people.

- Floor markings at Birmingham Bus stops 

A good suggestion is to plan your day, figure out where you need to go, book seats if you need to and keep times well scheduled. This will keep your day moving as smooth as possible and reduce a lot of risk.

Many places, such as here as the Trust, there are many posters and useful information placed around premises as a friendly reminder to the public on what guidelines are in place.

We are not out of the woods yet  as a potential second wave could hit if guidelines are not followed so please, during these times, please be considerate of other people during these times as it is the best way to get back to normal and be as safe as possible.