You have probably heard it many times but it is important to make sure that you stay safe. Whether you are traveling to and from work using public travel or if you have been visiting the pub and going to restaurants now that they are open again; you need to make sure you are properly equipped to go out and protect yourself from the virus. As you can see below there is advice to ensure that you are as safe as possible.

Advice you should follow:

  • Before leaving your home, you need to make sure that you are properly equipped to head into the public. You need to make sure you have mask, gloves and hand sanitiser for when you leave. This means you will be as protected as you can be outside of your own home.


  • If you plan to take any public transport, once again make sure you have your mask on. Before getting onto the bus you should wait for everyone that is getting off the bus is off. Once everyone is off and you can get on. You will want to avoid contact with any surfaces. To do this pay using either a contactless card or buy a ticket on your mobile phone. This is the best method to avoid touching as few surfaces as possible. Next, you want to sit yourself within the recommend social distances space of 2 metres away from other people. Finally make sure you keep the windows open to keep clean air going through the bus.


  • Many streets in Birmingham have arrows indicating where to walk…these are not for show but are extremely useful for keeping pavement congestion low and allowing the crowds of people to be adequately distanced.


  • When waiting for the bus please stand away from others with a mask on (compulsory for the bus journey but should still be worn at the stop) and make sure you are on the floor markings indicating as such.

  • Every so often, get your hands cleaned and thoroughly washed with soap. If you cannot get to a sink then use hand sanitiser. It will be as effective for killing any germs off your hands.

I hope you stay safe and follow these tips to keep yourself risk free. Remember if you should follow these steps no matter what, you are not just protecting yourself but the people around you too.