Monday 20th September to Sunday 26th September is Recycle Week here in the UK. This week is dedicated to celebrating recycling ; how it has positively helped out environment, whether that be the plants and rivers or even the wildlife that lives within them. Please take a moment to learn more about Recycle Week as well as what you can do to get involved - making the world a better greener place.

Recycle week is an annual event within the UK, and with each new year brings a new theme for Recycle week. This years theme will be 'Step It Up this Recycle Week'.

So what does it mean?

This theme was chosen to rally a movement in combating the Climate Crisis. Climate change is a very real thing, but we can control it. During the pandemic, though many of our day-to-day activities were restricted, there was one thing that we could do consistently - that being recycle. Now lockdown has been lifted, it is time to urge others to 'step it up this Recycle Week' and join the fight against climate change! (https://www.twinkl.co.uk/event/recycle-week-2021)

Taking Climate Change seriously

Despite what you may hear; Climate Change is not a myth. If there is any year to prove such a statement it would be this one!

Take a look at these graphs from the Climate Change Committee (https://www.theccc.org.uk/publication/independent-assessment-of-uk-climate-risk/) showing how the temperature has risen throughout the years from 1800s- 2020, the chart also displays information on the amount of rainfall and how much the sea level has risen as the years go by. The latter, most likely, is due to the ice capes melting.

Source: CCC Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk Advice to Government Charts and Data

Other data suggests that climate change will also affect our agriculture, energy generation and even the types of pest/pathogens we get; this can be potentially dangerous if we continue to let climate change spiral out of control. The Climate change committee has evidence to reflect this (please see the link above).

Climate change does not have to be a thing however, it is not too late for use to take control and step it up this Recycle Week. If we all act together, we can fight the climate change!

How can you step it up to Recycling

Check out some useful tips that can help you in the fight against Climate change;

Check what you recycle

There are many items that can actually be recycled but are wrongly thrown into household bins. For example textiles, electricals, pots and pans usually get thrown away, but you can actually take them to your local Household and Recycling Centre.

Additional fact; most metals can actually be recycled so do not be so quick to throw everything away.

Make sure the recycling is empty, clean and dry

Items you plan to recycle must be free from food residue so they don't contaminate the other materials. Nobody wants raw meat contaminating their recycled goods. It's recommended that you give plastic tubes a good rinse and let them dry before you recycle.

Remove plastic film

Not all plastics can be recycled and that can cause a huge problem for the machinery at these facilities. Plastic film on your bottles, pots and tubs etc. must be removed before recycling otherwise they will get tangled in the machines - ultimately interfering with the recycling process.

Lid on

Plastic lids on bottles are in fact recyclable, so as long as they are tightly screwed on to the bottle that is. If not they will fall off and slip through the machinery recycling process.

Make it a point

Make recycling of your routine, this will keep it consistent and you will be more likely to recycle more throughout the year. Whenever you decide to recycle make sure you keep it up.

Not sure...Check

Not sure what you can and cannot recycle, no worries, look up your local council's website for some advice and information on what you can and can't recycle.

There are some of the useful tips to help you step it up this Recycle Week and combat climate change, ultimately making the Earth a better, cleaner place. For more information on Recycling Week and all things green please visit these links below;

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