What is Oddfellows Friendship Month?

From the 1st September, – 30th September is the Oddfellows friendship month. This a celebration about friendship and bringing people together. In addition, the Oddfellows have been doing this for over 200 years. The point of this month is to identify and highlight the importance of having friends. It is extremely valuable to have someone to have a good laugh with but also someone that is always there no matter what.

There is a huge growing problem within the UK and sadly, that is loneliness. Currently, there are at least 9 million people within the UK that are often lonely or always alone. The Oddfellows friendship month seeks to break through that loneliness and bring people – communities together.

Many branches of the Oddfellow month will host up to 170 events around the country. These will include tea parties/lunches and event quiz nights. All these events will have the appropriate social distancing guidelines in place to keep each and every person safe, but also there to take part in all of the fun!

Friendship and bringing people together at Lench’s Trust.

At the Lench’s Trust, we find it extremely important to bring people together and make sure no one is left lonely. We do this by having many activities available during the afternoon/evening (such as knitter natter or afternoon tea held in the café) to bring residents together so they can talk and have a laugh with one another.

We also have people come in whether it is nursery children visiting or it’s a local single the Lench’s Trust makes sure no one single person is left alone, even those that don’t have much family. At the Lench’s Trust, there is a frequently released newsletter that further keeps people in the loop. We strive to make sure people are bought together like the Oddfellows friendship month are trying to accomplish throughout the month of September. Lets fight loneliness together!


If you are looking for more information on the friendship month, please click HERE. It will take you to a site that will tell you a little bit about the Oddfellow month as well as some of its history.