In order for you to occupy employment with us for the role that you undertake, it is important that you retain a satisfactory DBS check, qualifications and that all training remains up to date.

Please be aware that in the event that you lose any accreditation or allow your DBS or training to lapse, there is no guarantee that your employment with ourselves will be maintained. As such, in this circumstance, your employment may be terminated, subject to there being any redeployment opportunities available for you.

Should you be required to drive in the course of your duties for the company, you must ensure that you advise your line manager of any accidents, fines, penalties or legal endorsements received immediately, including any medical conditions, recommendations and/or endorsements that may prevent you from driving. Failure to do so shall be dealt with under the company’s disciplinary procedures and could be deemed gross misconduct, resulting in summary dismissal from the business.